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Improve Your Typing Speed -

Typing Speed Test


Learning how to touch type is a very useful skill to master. The faster you type, the more efficient you will be. However, it's not just about speed of typing, the accuracy of each key stroke is also very important. That's why it will take you many years of practice to successfully master the art of touch typing. Using typing speed test websites can be a fantastic way of practicing and improving your skill. This guide will show you how to find and use such a service.


Step 1 - Finding a Website


There are lots of different typing speed test websites and software packages available. Whether you want to use a website service, or a downloadable piece of software is completely up to you. Generally speaking websites are pretty easy to access and use. That said, if you want to practice more often or without internet access then you might be interested in software downloads.


Open your browser and search for a suitable site. Simply try searching for "typing speed tester" and click on one of the many results. Most of these are similar, although some may have a better design or be more intuitive to use. Spend some time comparing and then select the one you want to use.


Step 2 - Type of Typing test


There are a number of different types of speed typing test. Some include games similar to Tetris where you must type the word on the falling block before it touches the bottom. This is a great way to practice and try to type as many new words as possible. The most common type of typing test is where you are timed to input a passage into a text box.


Some websites give you the ability to read the text before starting timing. Most however start the timing as soon as the text is displayed. It's best this way since thinking time will give you more time to think about where the keys are. The art to mastering typing is to remember where all the keys are without needing to look down at the keyboard.


Step 3 - Doing the Test


The test is very easy, simply type out the passage into the text box. The website or software will automatically time how long it takes for you to type the passage. It will then be able to automatically calculate your words per minute (WPM) rate which is a useful figure if you are applying for jobs which include typing. As well as your speed it should also include accuracy in a percentage.


Generally speaking it is possible for most people to type faster, but the faster they type, the more mistakes they will make. It's important to find a balance, or continue to improve your typing so that you can type faster with fewer mistakes. Ideally your accuracy should be at least 95%, otherwise the number of errors will waste a lot of time for you to correct.


Step 4 - Practice Makes Perfect


Don't be worried if you didn't type as fast as you thought you could. Just spend time practicing and you should start to be able to remember where all the keys were. When you are a competent typist you should be able to type and continue looking around the room without making any mistakes. Typing should become second nature to you. By learning how to type you can not only improve efficiency, but also reduce any damage caused by poor posture or typing position.


With practice you are sure to become a fast and accurate typist. This is a great skill to possess since it demonstrates that you are fully computer literate.