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How To Tell If You Really Are Fast.

Typing is an important skill everyone needs to know in this modern age.

As professionals, the need to type considerably faster than the average person will always be required of you in your work-a-day environment, so we have put together a bit of a checklist of indicators that are going to suggest whether you might be a bit of a slug or in fact a superstar in your office.

1 - Typing Speed (WPM).

Have you ever witnessed professional typist conduct their work? If yes, you would wonder how they are able to type so fast that it would appear as if errors were made. This is because they know their WPM (Word per Minute) speed. This helps them know how fast they are actually typing or how much progress they need to make which would tell them if they type fast. The faster you type, the higher your WPM, that’s just how it works.

What's *your* WPM?

2 - Body Position.

The way we were thought back in school on proper body position when using the computer also applies here. Most times people with bad typing posture find it a lot difficult to remain in one position while typing documents for several hours, which would end up slowing them down and increasing their work period. Learning proper typing position and optimizing them would see that you would be typing a lot faster than average which you would be able to tell just by observing your work time. But this skill usually takes time to master and get the hang of.

3 - Your Quick To Process Words.

This is basically a simple method which we are all accustomed to but don’t really know its benefits. When sentences or words are being dictated to us and we write them as we hear them, we subconsciously adjust our speed to match the person dictating those words. This is a great method to tell how fast you are since you don’t really think before typing, it’s just your fingers. If you process words fast and control the rhythm you type it then you are more likely to be a fast typer.

4 - You Rarely Make Errors.

It really cannot be overemphasized how accuracy and speed work hand in hand. If you would really want to know if you are a fast typist, you can easily know this by how many errors you make as you type. Errors, slow you down. Therefore, if you are capable of typing sentences without so many errors as fast as you can, you are a fast typist, regardless of your WPM or CPM (characters per minute, which numbers all the characters you have typed including your mistakes), you are a fast typist.

5 - You Use Every Finger.

If you take a look at professional typists you will notice that they use all their fingers while they type. Positioning your fingers in a good way on the keyboard is a great way to tell if you are a fast typist. You can read more about Finger Positioning on our article How To Type Faster Instantly.

6 - Are You Touch Typing.

What this is talking about is your ability to type content without looking at the keyboard while making minimum errors. Even though learning this technique can be quite tasking, the advantages it adds to your overview as a fast typer outweighs the stress and time consumed in learning it. Touch typing essentially distributes your fingers to certain sections of the keyboard where those fingers allocated to a particular row or number of rows only maintain that place over the course of typing. A tip on doing this is to memorize the keyboard while creating a mental map at the back of your mind which shows all the places each finger is allocated to and how you position them over the keyboard

Ultimately, doing all of these should give you a mental picture of how fast you are but without practice, your speed would be limited. So it’s advisable to go take a typing test so you would know where your standing is. There are several typing tests online and offline for you to take and we offer the services of checking your typing speed as well as services and tips to improve your typing speed which if adhered to, your typing speed will naturally increase.

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